Expert's Guide to Graver Sharpening by Sam Alfano

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Hand Engraver's
Transfer Wax

Sam Alfano's HAND ENGRAVERS TRANSFER WAX is my own blend of pure beeswax, mutton tallow, emu oil, and other oils and waxes. For over 20 years I have used it daily for layouts and replicating and reversing engraved designs. It enables me to work faster, achieve consistent results, and make more money per hour. Every job I do involves the use of TRANSFER WAX, and with the tapes made today, transferring is easier and more accurate than ever.

  • Benefits of TRANSFER WAX:

    * Negative space transfers.
  • * Mirroring engraved designs.
    * Smoke pull transfers.
  • * Traditional paper & wax transfers.
  • * Layouts.
  • * Protects metal and doesn't contribute to rust and corrosion.